Eramallikkara,Chengannur,Alappuzha District
(Govt. Aided College Affiliated to the University of Kerala)

NAAC Accredited

College Newsletter

  • SACSCAN, the annual newsletter of Sree Ayyappa College, serves as a vibrant reflection of the academic and extracurricular endeavors that shape the institution's identity. Published under the insightful guidance of the Principal, SACSCAN embodies the collective spirit and achievements of the college community. Dr. Anathkumar R T, an esteemed Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, assumes the role of editor, bringing his expertise and passion to curate a publication that captures the essence of Sree Ayyappa College. Through its pages, SACSCAN showcases academic achievements, research breakthroughs, cultural events, and the diverse talents of students and faculty. It stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence and innovation that defines the educational journey at Sree Ayyappa College, fostering a sense of pride and community among its readers.

    1. The Annual Newsletter (2018-2019)

    2. The Annual Newsletter (2019-2020)

    3. The Annual Newsletter (2020-2021)

    4. The Annual Newsletter (2021-2022)