Eramallikkara,Chengannur,Alappuzha District
(Govt. Aided College Affiliated to the University of Kerala)

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Biochemistry & Industrial Microbiology

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    The department offers an UG Course B.Sc. Industrial Microbiology, which is an inter-disciplinary course blending both Biochemistry and Microbiology. Microbiology is the study of micro organisms, which are of immense importance to mankind. This branch of science gives its practitioners, the opportunity to be in contact with all other natural sciences and thus contributing in many ways to the betterment of human life. The laboratories are fully equipped with all the instruments heeded with a competent faculty. This branch of study makes it possible to diagnose most of the infectious diseases precisely.

    Biochemistry is the study of life at molecular level. This branch of science is the most significant aspect of natural sciences as it is the key to the diagnosis of many life threatening diseases and solution for their cure. It is the most modern and rapidly advancing life science today. Its frontiers extend in all directions of modern science and technology, there by becoming the common ground of inter disciplinary medical and biological sciences like biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, immunology and bioinformatics. No other subject has as much application as Biochemistry to the discipline of medicine, health, veterinary, agriculture, Bio-engineering and technology. It is therefore of utmost importance that individuals embarking on a career in biomedical sciences be well versed in Biochemistry.The Scope of Biochemistry is vast as life itself. There is a vast scope for the graduate and Post graduates of Biochemistry in employment market.